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Student Exhibition Now on View: Vessels Reimagined

In collaboration with art teachers Megan Wukovitz and Sharron Holland of Corning-Painted Post High School, students created ceramic and mixed media sculptural vessels. Students imagined traditional forms in new ways, integrating creative and personal elements. The exhibition is on view in the student gallery at The Rockwell – January 26 through March 17, 2019.

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Students visited The Rockwell and studied artwork in the collection as inspiration for their projects. They were exposed to various art styles and mediums, including ceramics, glass, bronze, fiber, baskets, beadwork and rawhide containers. They also learned about cultural traditions, in addition to contemporary artists such as Jason Garcia, Virgil Ortiz, Diego Romero and Crystal Gregory who are actively pushing the boundaries of art today. These artists continue to create new works influenced by pop culture and societal trends that engage new audiences, question perspectives and invoke our curiosity about the world we live in.

Vessels Reimagined dives into themes of cultural connections, family traditions, the influence of pop culture and personal identity. Under the direction of Mrs. Wukovitz and Mrs. Holland, students connected traditional elements of a culture they identify with to a contemporary concept. They were encouraged to include illustrations and iconography from a childhood memory or their family heritage, along with aspects of contemporary society they relate to today, such as comic book characters and social media. Using additive and subtractive sculpture techniques, students fabricated their one-of-a-kind creations that represent their unique vision on how they interpret and examine the ever-changing environment that surrounds them.