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Gallery Games & Activities

Young art explorers connect with The Rockwell collection through gallery games and activities, designed to inspire an appreciation for art from an early age. Don’t miss these imaginative games and activities on your next visit to The Rockwell Museum, including Art Hunts, I-Spy Games and more.

KIDS Guide

When you check in at the Admission Desk, grab a KIDS Guide! This booklet includes tips for looking at artwork with kids and takes a closer, kid-friendly look at some of the most engaging works in the Museum collection. It includes a coloring page, scavenger hunt, and many conversation prompts so you can get together and get creative during your Museum visit.

Art Hunt

Next, pick up your Art Hunt from the admission desk–find all the image details on your visit to The Rockwell and turn in your completed hunt for a prize. Pro tip: our friendly Security Officers are always happy lend a helpful hint.

Art Cart

The Art Cart floats through different areas of the Museum inviting hands-on options for engaging with the collection. Pick up an I Spy book, a gallery game, or another educational activity for all ages.


Grab your very own I Spy book from our Art Cart–play here in person at the Museum and then take your book home with you to play again and again.

Spy, Think, Ponder Art Cards

Spy, Think, Ponder art card sets highlight works of art in The Rockwell’s collection, tied to the weekly theme. The art cards incorporate youth-friendly language and fun prompts to engage your child’s imagination. Families will be exposed to using Visual Thinking Strategies in their museum experience by looking, making observations, thinking about what they see and wondering more about the topics presented.

Look for them on the Art Cart and select family programs throughout the year to collect them all!