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KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab is open Thursday - Monday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., and closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Plan your visit

Our People

The Rockwell Museum centers people and all things personal in its experiences, exhibitions, programming, meetings, engagements and community.  

These are the people that support and carry through the work of The Rockwell.

  • Katherine Banerjee, Associate Curator
  • Kristen Bocek-Kahn, Operations Manager
  • Lukas Brown, Retail and Guest Services Assistant Manager
  • Paul Dressen, Preparator
  • Kevin Falkenberg, Fund Development Manager
  • Katherine Fultz, Education Assistant
  • Lisa Gill, Director of Finance and Operations
  • Sherry Kirk, Executive Liaison and Financial Manager
  • Amanda Lett, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions
  • Katharine Mead, Membership and Grants Manager
  • Mary Mix, Director of Education
  • Ann Recotta, Education and Volunteer Programs Coordinator
  • Rita Reed, Retail and Guest Services Manager
  • Amy Ruza, Youth and Family Programs Educator
  • Emily Smith, Registrar
  • Jess Spady, Communications and Digital Media Manager
  • Janelle Steiner, Programs and Events Manager
  • Willa Rose Vogel, Director of Advancement and Communications
  • Brian Lee Whisenhunt, Executive Director

Guest Services

  • Nick Drake

  • Willow Keith

  • Sylvia Kete

  • Felicia Lash

  • Nancy Mcgrath

  • Candy Sankey

  • Emily Stein

  • Megan Walsh


  • Dan Burdick, Security Officer

  • Denise Sarro, Security Officer

Supporting Staff

  • Ellen Corradini, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

The Rockwell Museum Board of Trustees shape our mission and purpose and set the strategic framework and long-term plan. They are some of the Museum’s most generous supporters and articulate ambassadors. They play an integral role in supporting all Rockwell initiatives. Our group of trustees is a diverse group of leaders from fields such as business, art, law, non-profit and education.


  • Melissa Gambol, President

  • Joy Macafee, Vice President

  • Autumn M. Pawlowski, Treasurer

  • Sandra Zuraski, Assistant Treasurer

  • Tyler Quanbeck, Secretary

  • John Tobin, Past President


  • Colleen Caravati

  • Maarit Clay

  • Laura Coleman

  • Maria Goldwyn

  • Denise A. Hauselt

  • Nick LaPuma

  • Ashley Lomboy

  • Barry Nicholson

  • Thomas Pisano

  • Emily Simon

  • Camille Torres

  • Paul VerValin

  • Sandra Zuraski

Trustee Emeriti

  • James R. Houghton

  • E. Marie McKee

  • Joanna Wurtele

Our volunteers are more than just appreciated members of the Rockwell community — they are the very foundation of our success. Our committed docents and program assistants commit many hours annually, fostering meaningful arts experiences with both youth and adults.

  • Natalie Abruzzo

  • Jan Altilio

  • Linda Baxter

  • Julie Biviano

  • Pat Ciccariello

  • Nancy Doutt

  • Kathi Dwyer

  • Lynn Eusden

  • Mary Franklin

  • Kathy Gill

  • Roberta Hirliman

  • Lizz Jones

  • Janna Keser

  • Sylvia Kete

  • Jacqueline Knitter

  • Pam Lally

  • Judy O'Connell

  • Nancy O’Loughlin

  • Pam Schmitt

  • Bev Stevens

  • Faith Tarby

  • Michael Tarby

  • Judy Thomas

  • Susan Vermillion

  • Scott Vonderheide

  • Linda Wilcox

  • Lorraine Williams

The Rockwell embraces broad and intentional internal and external collaborations, partnerships and coalitions to strengthen and activate our mission. A mix of staff, board members and community members serve on committees that activate the Museum’s mission and work.


  • John Tobin, President

  • Melissa Gambol, Vice President

  • Joy Mcafee, Treasurer

  • Autumn Pawlowski, Secretary

  • Laura Coleman, Collections

  • Barry Nicholson, Fund Development/Silver Dollar Society

  • Lynn Eusden, Education

  • Brian Lee Whisenhunt, Executive Director

Education Committee

  • Lynn Eusden, Chair

  • Mark Franklin

  • Sharron Holland

  • Maarit Clay

  • Ashley Lomboy

  • John Tobin, ex officio

  • Linda Wilcox, community, retired teacher

  • Brian Lee Whisenhunt

  • Mary Mix, staff liaison

  • Ann Recotta, staff liaison

Finance/Audit Committees

  • Joy Macafee Treasurer, Chair

  • Autumn Pawlowski

  • Melissa Gambol

  • Denise Hauselt

  • Nick LaPuma

  • Tom Pisano

  • John Tobin, ex officio

  • Paul VerValin

  • Brian Lee Whisenhunt

  • Lisa Gill, staff liaison

Fund Development

  • Barry Nicholson, Chair

  • Lydia Kenton Walsh, Vice-chair

  • Monica Bankston

  • Colleen Caravati

  • John Tobin, ex officio

  • Brian Lee Whisenhunt

  • Willa Vogel, staff liaison

  • Katherine Mead, staff liaison

  • Kevin Falkenberg, staff liaison


  • Laura Coleman, Chair

  • Kelly Conway

  • Beth Dann

  • Lynn Eusden

  • Marie McKee

  • John Peck

  • Emily Simon

  • John Tobin, ex officio

  • Brian Lee Whisenhunt