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KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab is open daily, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Plan your visit


Whether you’re looking for a guided tour with our friendly and knowledgeable docents, a hands-on art project, or prefer to explore on your own, The Rockwell Museum and KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab are ready to welcome you and your group.

School Tours

The Rockwell Museum educators provide meaningful learning opportunities for students and teachers, grades pre-K through 12. Close partnerships with regional public school districts make The Rockwell and KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab an extension of the classroom where we emphasize critical thinking skills and visual thinking strategies, all aligned with New York State curricula. And they’re fun, too!

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Youth Groups

The Rockwell is the perfect destination for youth groups to gather and experience art through authentic, unplugged play at the Museum and Art Lab. Get together, get inspired and get creative! Hands-on experiences like I-Spy games and Art Hunts help young art explorers connect to the collections and exhibitions on view at the Museum.

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Adult Groups

Explore our permanent collection or a special exhibition on a guided group tour led by one of our friendly and experienced docents, or on your own with a self-guided group tour. Our docents can tailor the tour to meet the interests and needs of your group with an overview of the collection or a deep dive into a special theme or exhibition.

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Artists as Activists Audio Tour

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Artists as Activists investigates a range of media and decades, demonstrating the different forms activism can take. The tour includes artists, both contemporary and historical, whose basketry, oil paintings, photography, sculpture, and other artworks provide a glimpse into what activism meant in different periods of American history. Topics include animal rights, humanitarian issues of representation, race and prejudice, feminism, intellectual property, LGBTQ+ rights, systems of religious oppression and more.

Narrators: Molly Bierman, Sharon Bryant, Alex Dell, Anjanette Lecher

Tips for Listening

  • Visitors may use the QR reader on their own mobile device or borrow a Guide ID listening device and headphones from the Admission Desk, free of charge.

  • Follow the tour in order, or skip around as much as you like! QR codes and Guide ID receivers are located next to each artwork, and the easily-navigable tour site allows flexibility in your tour.

  • Headphones are encouraged in the galleries, but not required.

Generous support for this project provided by Art Bridges

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Virtual School Tours

Can’t visit in person? Our most popular school tours are reimagined as online learning resources for teachers and families. A complete lesson plan is at your fingertips with Rockwell’s video tours, supplemental art projects and expert resources.

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