Authentic, unplugged play. KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab is an interactive family studio, located just around the corner from the Museum at 36 E. Market St. in Corning. 

The Rockwell continues to follow Health & Safety guidelines.

large felted tree with mother and daughter playing at art lab
art lab cardboard city kids playing
art lab cardboard city kids playing

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  • Mask mornings! Masks are required every Tuesday morning, 9 a.m. – Noon, for every visitor and staff member.
  • Masks are welcome but not required during your visit. Free masks are available for those who prefer them. Please read out current Health & Safety guidelines before your visit. Health & Safety Guidelines >>
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All activities at the Art Lab are inspired by the art and architecture of The Rockwell Museum – that means every time you visit there’s something new to see and do! 

For all of 2022, you’ll experience The Rockwell Museum’s theme, Spark! From Inspiration to Creation through projects and exhibits at the Art Lab. Enjoy a new round of activities connected to the exciting special exhibitions and Rockwell collection artworks during your next visit.

Wendy Red Star, Apsáalooke: Children of the Large-Beaked Bird is now on view at the Art Lab. Multimedia artist Wendy Red Star, a member of the Apsáalooke* (Crow) tribe, uses historic imagery and material culture as direct references for her own photographs and installations. Children of the Large-Beaked Bird provides an opportunity for children and adults to look at the history and identity of a people as told from their point of view. As the artist notes: “It is critical to preserve and pass along culture, heritage, and shared values while also providing future generations with a sense of identity, solidarity, and empowerment.”

Here’s what you’ll discover this season:

  • Beadwork Design
    Take inspiration from the clothing and accessories in the photographs to make designs you would like to see in beadwork. Or, use the magnetic version and take inspiration from The Rockwell’s Haudenosaunee beaded objects. How many different designs can you come up with?
  • Photo Notes
    Wendy Red Star uses red pen to tell us more about who the people in the 100+ year old photos were when they were alive and what their clothing and accessories symbolize. We’ve provided photos of notable people from the Southern Tier and our surrounding area. Learn more about them, and write on the photos what you think they might have been like during their lives!

  • Quilt Squares
    Find colorful stars around the room. At first glance, they just look like shapes and colors. Up close, you can see the texture of the fabric! Wendy Red Star photographed quilts to create these bright stickers. Get inspired by color and pattern to create a fabric quilt square.

  • How Would You Interpret an Apsáalooke Word For…?Using either colored pencils or Model Magic, gain inspiration from drawings from the 1880s and a video of the artist’s father narrating drawings by the artist’s daughter to create your own fantastical creatures! You’ll draw or sculpt animals inspired by works in the Apsáalooke language such as “man-dog” or “buffalo-horse!”
  • Family Quilt Drawing
    Wendy Red Star incorporates family photos into many of her artworks. Use colored pencils to draw your family. Then, ask Rockwell staff to take a real photo of yourself to include on your family quilt!

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Custom-built furniture for the KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab generously provided by LeChase Construction Services, LLC.


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