Inspired by the centennial of women’s suffrage in the United States, The Rockwell Museum is proud to announce our 2020 theme, ADVANCING WOMEN.


KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab is a new interactive family studio, located just around the corner from the Museum at 36 E. Market St. in Corning. 

Young art explorers will love getting creative with hands-on projects; families will love the opportunity for authentic, unplugged playtime in a relaxed, drop-in environment.

In 2019, The Rockwell’s exhibitions and events unite through the theme of “Questioning Identity” – including the hands-on activities at KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab. What does the clothing we choose say about who we are? How do the everyday objects we choose reflect our personality? Through creative play and art projects, explore what makes people unique!

  • 36 E. Market Street, Corning, NY
  • Regular Museum admission rates apply – your ticket accesses both Rockwell locations
  • Start your Rockwell experience at either location
  • Children must be supervised
  • The Art Lab is available for birthday parties. Learn more

What’s new at the Art Lab?

  • Mix a Face | Every face is unique! Mix and match different facial features to concoct different faces. Trace your face on the light table to take it home.
  • Dream Home | Older explorers and makers will love creating a map of their dream home. Arrange couches, ovens and bathtubs on the light table to create the interior design of your dreams. Trace and fill in the details. Can you recreate it in cardboard?
  • Portraits Two Ways | Artists make pictures of faces in all different ways. Sometimes they look just like a human face, sometimes they don’t have eyes or noses at all! In this activity, you’ll choose a special person in your life and choose to make a portrait of them through drawing or collage. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so try to capture the personality of your person!
  • Cardboard City | Cardboard City returns! Where do people live and work? Are there schools? Are there houses? Are there roads? The possibilities are endless! Stop in during the month of October for a special Days of Incandescence creative challenge!

LeChase Construction, LLC

Custom-built furniture for the KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab generously provided by LeChase Construction Services, LLC.


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