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Authentic, unplugged play. KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab is an interactive family studio, located just around the corner from the Museum at 36 E. Market St. in Corning. 

The Rockwell continues to follow Health & Safety guidelines.

large felted tree with mother and daughter playing at art lab
art lab cardboard city kids playing
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  • Mask mornings! Masks are required every Tuesday morning, 9 a.m. – Noon, for every visitor and staff member.
  • Other days, masks are strongly recommended for Museum guests during their visit, regardless of vaccination status (ages 2+). This advice is per CDC guidelines for counties in a “High” COVID infection and hospitalization rate.
  • Your Art Lab ticket is also your ticket for The Rockwell Museum. Tickets are valid for two consecutive days.
  • If you need to re-energize with snacks during your visit, we have pretzels and juice available for a nominal fee. 
  • The Art Lab is not currently available for birthday parties.

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All activities at the Art Lab are inspired by the art and architecture of The Rockwell Museum – that means every time you visit there’s something new to see and do! 

For all of 2022, you’ll experience The Rockwell Museum’s theme, Spark! From Inspiration to Creation through projects and exhibits at the Art Lab. Enjoy a new round of activities connected to the exciting special exhibitions and Rockwell collection artworks during your next visit.

Here’s what you’ll discover this season:

  • Complementary Color Masks
    Did you know that color is powerful? Artists take color very seriously because it’s a building block of art! The colors you use can change many things about your artwork. Use colors as a spark of inspiration. Then use your colored mask to put on a play!

  • Very Special Scribbles
    Artists find inspiration in all sorts of places – even scribbles and blobs! See what you can create from your own scribbly designs using colored pencils and Art Stix.

  • Surprising Shapes
    You might be used to finding shapes in things like clouds, leaves, trucks or furniture, but one American artist found shapes in all these things and more – even bones! Georgia O’Keeffe, who spent more than 75 years as an artist, loved to find interesting shapes in her environment. Use white crayons and colored pencils to draw your own bone pictures!

  • One of a Kind Picture Frame
    Be inspired by your own artwork to create a dazzling frame! Have you ever looked closely at the frames that museum artworks hang inside of? Frames are more than just a convenient way to get a work of art on the wall – they are often an extension of the work of art itself!

  • Cardboard City
    What kind of buildings do you see every day? How are those buildings the same or different from buildings in big cities or small towns? What kind of buildings would you create if you could build any city you wanted? Build your dream city!

  • Tree of Life
    One our favorite elements from our summer What’s In Your World? exhibition is here to stay! Visit in every season to find different elements to add to the tree. The fabric of the tree acts as a giant felt board to easily change up your additions and experiment!

LeChase Construction, LLC


Custom-built furniture for the KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab generously provided by LeChase Construction Services, LLC.


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