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Authentic, unplugged play. KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab is an interactive family studio, located just around the corner from the Museum at 36 E. Market St. in Corning. 

The Rockwell continues to practice COVID safety measures. Read on to know what to expect before you go. 

large felted tree with mother and daughter playing at art lab
art lab cardboard city kids playing
art lab multimedia art project using natural materials colored pencils

Land Art on the Light Table

art lab multimedia art project using natural materials colored pencils

Map Tile Collage Project

art lab paper vegetable garden project

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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  • Your Art Lab ticket is also your ticket for The Rockwell Museum. Tickets are valid for two consecutive days.
  • Masks are still required at all times for unvaccinated visitors over age 2. Masks are available at no cost for any visitor who needs one. (We have adult and child sizes!) As a family-friendly destination, masks are strongly encouraged for vaccinated visitors.
  • If you need to re-energize with snacks during your visit, we have pretzels and juice available for a nominal fee. Visitors may unmask to eat but must stay in the designated snacking area. Please, no outside food at this time.
  • The Art Lab is not currently available for birthday parties.

Purchase Art Lab + Museum Tickets

All activities at the Art Lab are inspired by the art and architecture of The Rockwell Museum – that means every time you visit there’s something new to see and do! 

This year, you’ll find Art Lab activities highlighting our 2021 theme, Environments Examined. You can expect to find projects that connect to the exciting special exhibitions and Rockwell Museum collections.

large whimsical felt tree for play at the art lab

Discover the Tree of Life by Tony Moretti and Gwen Quigley

Here’s what you’ll discover this season:

  • Tree of Life
    Surprise! One our favorite elements from our summer What’s In Your World? exhibition is here to stay! Visit in every season to find different elements to add to the tree. The fabric of the tree acts as a giant felt board to easily change up your additions and experiment!
  • Land Art on the Light Table
    Artists like our featured Spotlight Gallery artist Elaine K. Ng (opening September 25) sometimes create artwork outside, with natural materials that they find on the ground or in the trees! This type of artwork does not last forever, so artists remember it through photos. Make your own temporary artwork and remember it with a tracing and a photo.
  • Warm and Cool Landform Landscapes
    Did you know that color has the power to transform your art? Learn how to use color to create a super cool – or warm! – landscape drawing. Add collage materials to make it super-special.
  • Map Tiles
    Artist Elaine K. Ng uses different materials to identify places in her exhibition, Fingerprints of Place: Taiwan. She collects objects from places and makes artworks with them. Sometimes she collects photographs of places instead of objects. Both her objects and photos capture the materials, colors, and textures that make up a specific place. Make a collage that represents a place, that you’ll be easily able to hang up at home.
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?
    Have you ever seen food, like vegetables or fruits, growing out of the earth? Maybe you or a family member have a garden in the summertime or maybe you’ve visited a farm on a class trip. Make a pretend 3D mini-garden with your favorite fruits and veggies.
  • Cardboard City
    It’s back! Cardboard City is finally back in the Art Lab. Think about your city. What kind of buildings do you see every day? How are those buildings the same or different from buildings in big cities or small towns? What buildings are important for people to get things they need? Build your dream city!

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Custom-built furniture for the KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab generously provided by LeChase Construction Services, LLC.


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