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National Parks and Natural Treasures

NPS_CENTENNIAL_4CSeptember 14, 2016

The Museum Store features made-in-the-USA, Native American-made, and fair-trade quality products.

We’re proud to sell merchandise that reflect the art on our walls, such as one-of-a-kind turquoise, silver and precious stone jewelry, artisan-made pottery, and sculpture by award-winning artists. This month, we’re pleased to feature artist Kelly Ormsby, who finds inspiration in the natural colors, shapes, and materials of the American West.

This collection celebrates the centennial of our beloved National Parks Service with style and whimsy! Find it this fall in The Rockwell Museum Store. Remember, this jewelry is limited availability or one-of-a-kind; stop in soon to scoop up your favorites!

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From the Artist, Kelly Ormsby

Kelly2“The American landscape showcases an overwhelming collection of monumental beauty. Rugged mountains, vast plains, parched deserts, and moving waters are generously lavished across the land. These natural scenes have inspired and challenged visiting artists to portray them for decades.

These portrayals are what planted the seeds of adventure and wonderment in my own story. For years, I walked through The Rockwell Museum admiring paintings depicting the deserts, canyons, and breathtaking mountain scenes. I would wonder what it would be like to be in these places, and how truly remarkable they must be.

I remember the exact moment I decided to become a firsthand observer. While visiting the home of a friend, mounted above the fireplace was a framed photograph of the Horseshoe Bend in the Colorado River. The picture was so impressive that I made it my priority to find that very place. I have now made several trips to Horseshoe Bend, and carry high hopes of witnessing more of these natural masterpieces.

Not wanting to risk letting my memories of the beauty fade, I intentionally went about incorporating my experiences into jewelry pieces. The jewel-tone waters of the Colorado River became long strands of shining blue and purple beads sprinkled with turquoise. Antler tips, sea shells, and agate stones serve as reminders that natural treasures come in all shapes and sizes.

These creations make it possible wear a small representation of my unforgettable encounters with America’s most moving landscapes. Thank you to the National Parks Service for 100 years of working to ensure that our nation’s natural treasures remain an inspiration!”