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Introducing the 10th Anniversary Alley Art Project Mural Design: The Art of Industrious Minds

Have you noticed a new mural in progess? 

The Rockwell is at it again, this time celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Alley Art Project, a collaboration with the Corning-Painted Post Area School District. For the last 10 years, The Rockwell and the school district have worked together in conjunction with downtown planning agencies and business owners to make these murals happen. 

Each academic year, students fulfill mandatory Art and English Language Arts (ELA) credits during their time spent at The Rockwell. Guided by Rockwell educators, students use the American art collection at The Rockwell as a catalyst for creative writing and art making. Then, students create individual pieces of art that work as elements of a larger mural. Designs are later painted on the alley facades of downtown businesses by the students.

10th Anniversary Alley Art Project mural design mock-up by Dave Higgins
Frederick Carder, Gold Aurene Jack-in-Pulpit Vase

This year, The Rockwell’s Frederick Carder glass collection served as the inspiration for students to design a mural honoring the 150th anniversary of glassmaking in Corning. To connect to the history of glass and the region, students researched six major industries‒canal transportation, glassmaking, the railroad, agriculture, wine-making and tourism. To further enhance their understanding, guest speakers presented additional information about the rich history and vital importance of specific industries. Students then created individual paintings exploring community and personal connections to these industries. In turn, professional artist and HSLC graduate, Brad Leiby, incorporated the student artwork into the final designs for the 2018 mural.

The 10th mural site is on the rear building facade of 80 East Market Street, and can be seen from the Corning Transportation Center on Denison Parkway. Right now, you’ll notice the building wall being prepped by artists-in-residence Bradford Leiby and Corning Community College art professor David Higgins. Students will begin painting their design in August with a ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for Friday, September 28 during Urban Arts Crawl.

This project is made possible in part by grants from The Triangle Fund, The Great Circle Foundation Inc. and William G. McGowan Charitable Fund.

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