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Museum From Home

Teaching from home? Need something extra to keep young minds and hands active? While the Museum is closed, you can continue to enjoy the collection through our eMuseum plus these fun, educational resources designed to spark the imagination of art explorers of all ages. Grown-ups welcome, too!

Art Inspired Writing Challenge
For Grades K-12

Rock your creative skills and write a fictional story based on a work of art in The Rockwell collection. Submit your imagined story (up to 1000 words) for a chance to win a prize from The Rockwell Museum Store, and be featured on The Rockwell’s website and social media! Writing prompts available for grades K-12.

Deadline:Friday, April 24, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

More information and writing prompts

Digital Art Hunts
Suggested for ages 6-12
7 and under with help of an adult or older child

Download these printable PDFs (and answer keys), or open eMuseum in a separate browser while you look for the digital version of this visitor favorite! Explore eMuseum to find the full version of these artwork snippets.

Paintings Collection Art Hunt     Answer Key

Women Artists Art Hunt     Answer Key

Museum From Home Activity Sheets

Download this printable PDF that will guide you through carefully looking at a painting, then get creative with special activities inspired by The Rockwell collection.

Edition 1: Snack Time!

Edition 2: Horsing Around with Deborah Butterfield


Emmi Whitehorse, Water & Mineral, 2000, oil chalk on paper on canvas, 28" x 40 1/2".

Collection-Inspired Crossword Puzzles
Suggested for ages 13+  (or for those who enjoy a challenge)

To find the answers to these crossword clues, open eMuseum and select the “groups” tab. Explore the group or gallery with the same name, then read descriptions and explore the artworks to find the answers. Have fun!

Collection Crossword: Women Artists



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