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New in the FES for Summer 2017

What’s new in the Family Exploration Studio this summer?

The Family Exploration Studio is an unplugged maker space where visitors of all ages can drop-in and try their hand at an art project, draw on the light table, put together puzzles, and read together in the book nook. The projects always connect to the art on our walls, and seasonally rotating activities allow families to drop in again and again! 

Here’s what’s new in the Family Studio right now!

  1. Paper Blanket Stories   

    In conjunction with our summer exhibition, Blanket Stories: Western Door, Salt Sacks and Three Sisters by Marie Watt, families are invited to design a blanket that is special to them using cardboard, glue, fabric and glue. Then, share the story of your blanket on a tag, just like in the exhibition! 

  2. Design Your Own Sioux Style Vest

    Traditional Sioux glass beadwork vests are created using tiny seed beads, which are stitched on top of a tanned animal hide (leather).  The stitch work is incredibly detailed and takes a lot of time and patience to complete. Study samples of Sioux beaded vests, then design your own using traditional symbols and designs, paper and colored pencils. The light board will help you trace images, or invent your own design!

  3. Roll A Landscape

    Ever get stuck on what to draw? Try rolling a landscape for quirky designs and combinations, with each landscape elements will be decided by chance!

  4. And More…

    Plus, find new magnet and block puzzles, and summer-themed stories in the Book Nook – we’ll see you in the Family Exploration Studio soon!

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