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KIDS ROCKWELL will be open open daily 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. through April 29.

2022 Gingerbread Invitational: Spark!

From November 19, 2022 to December 31, 2022

Location: Special Projects Gallery (Floor 2)

This year, in the spirit of The Rockwell’s annual theme Spark! From Inspiration to Creation, bakers imagined gingerbreads of a place, person or object that inspires them!

Visit and vote for your favorite to win the Community Choice Award, now through December 31.

2022 Winners Julie Paschal and Christina Steffanus

"From Coral Frags to Fishes: Underwater Magic" By Sarah Golden

"Fairytale Stories for Gingerbread Kids" by Julie Paschal and Christina Steffanus

"AHA! Art" by Paula A. Stark

"Fantasy Books–Sparks of Imagination" by Marie Roller, Emma Burns and Gavin Burns.

"Once Upon a Time…" by Tiffany and Madelyn Palm

"Books and Beyond" by Tuscarora Elementary Art Club. Allysa Quealy, Marshall Buchillon, Atreyu Walker, Abel Walker, Charlee Rowe, Cherokee VanCise, Bayleigh Monroe, Riley McCaig, Hailee Richmond, Owen Losey, Paige Abbott, Bailey Burrows, Samantha Clark and Tuscarora Elementary Advisors: Sarah Gerow and Nicole Walker.

"Gingerbread Inception" by Kathryn and Alejandro Aguilar

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About the Artist

Community Artists

Each year, individuals or teams submit design applications, responding to a unique annual theme. Without community involved, The Gingerbread Invitational would not be possible — thank you!

Special Thanks

The Gingerbread Invitational is made possible with support from LeChase Construction Services, LLC.