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From The Shadows: Photography by Chris Walters

From June 11, 2023 to December 31, 2021

Location: The Rockwell Museum

From the Shadows is a series of over 30 photographic portraits, highlighting a diverse mix of unsung heroes in the Finger Lakes region. Local photographer Chris Walters produced this exhibition as a contemporary response to FLX Kodachrome: National Geographic Photography of Nathan Benn, on view in our Spotlight Gallery (May 29. 2021-September 7,2021). Walters is an award-winning photographer active in the regional arts community.

This exhibition is made possible with support from Ian Harrop and Lynette Estep.

The title From the Shadows references the photographic process of drawing light out of darkness. But, it also suggests shining light upon those who have been marginalized in society’s shadows, as Walters seeks to highlight the hidden diversity of the region. His portraits honor unsung heroes including teachers, fly-fishers, artists, community activists, CEOs, farmers, caregivers, rectors, public officials, librarians and more. Walters’ figures are grounded in the natural and built landscapes of the Finger Lakes region; the uniformly sized portraits eliminate a sense of hierarchy.

“These people honor their ancestors and carry on their stories. They tackle the greatest public health crisis in a generation. They redefine our relationship to the land. They respect the deep cultural heritage of our region. They reclaim historical narratives. They exalt in the radiant beauty that flows from one end of the Chemung River Valley to the other. They stand up for voting rights. They tell us that all are welcome here. They innovate, lead, and steward. They protect and care. They host and give comfort. They march to proclaim that black lives matter. They love. They make. They do. They amplify and elevate. They protect. They serve when others won’t. They draw light from the darkness, and I am honored to tell their stories.” -Chris Walters