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KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab is open Thursday - Monday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., and closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Plan your visit

Shannah Warwick’s Curious Apothecary

From June 7, 2024 to September 8, 2024

Location: KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab

Embrace the synergy of magic, creativity and nature! The Curious Apothecary integrates mixed-media materials and invokes the power of the imagination in a whimsical Art Lab takeover. The exhibition is infused with sensory projects and activities for young visitors to play and explore. Discover this enchanted world that weaves an alchemy of Artificial Intelligence (AI), botany, and art. Are you curious to explore?

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What Activities and Projects to Expect?   

  • Cave of Creativity – Crawl through and play in a spiral shell cave that houses a kaleidoscope, a spyglass, weaving and braiding activities, texture pads, a sound station, and a series of nooks, niches, doors and knobs to seek, open and explore.  
  • Magic Mandalas – Create your own tabletop mandala design using natural and synthetic materials. Visitors will be encouraged to incorporate symmetry, geometry and Fibonacci patterns into their designs.  
  • Scent Station – Amidst the sensory delights, this activity invites you to examine the aromas of the plants and herbs that populate the shelves around you.  
  • Guardians of Creativity – Transform a blob of clay into a magical Guardian of Creativity creature using googly eyes, markers, pipe cleaners, feathers and flowers.  
  • AI Poetry Station – Craft your own story using an assortment of words and emoji symbols inspired by an AI image. Generate the image by first playing a digital version of Mad Libs connected to the Guardians of Creativity on view. This station prompts reflection on the intersection of human ingenuity and machine intelligence, giving participants a glimpse into Warwick’s creative process.  
  • Rainbow Plant Mix-Up – Draw and create your own imaginary plant species by tracing botanical shapes, stems, flowers and elements inspired by plants that grow locally.  

In addition to these featured projects and activities, the book and block area, toddler project table, felt tree activity and puppet theater will remain in the space. There will also be a new magnetic puzzle, matching game and more to explore! 

About the Artist

Shannah Warwick

Shannah Warwick is a Fiber Artist and educator, specializing in needle felting, nunofelting and hand-dyeing techniques. What began as a small line of wearable art has blossomed into large-scale installations featured in galleries and museums. Inspired by emotions, street fashion, maximalist and eclectic collections, Shannah’s creativity knows no bounds. Her upbringing on a farm, experiences in large cities, and return to rural surroundings infuse her work with a unique perspective that challenges perceptions and encourages introspection. 

While Warwick’s art is thought-provoking and challenges societal norms, she also embraces her silly, wild side, tapping into her inner child to create pieces that bring laughter and joy. With intentionality at every step, from color and material choices to the incorporation of technology and AI, Warwick strives to leave her mark on the world through immersive installations that invite viewers to explore and connect with the worlds she creates, inspired by both light and dark aspects of life. 

Shannah Warwick’s Curious Apothecary is made possible by Mary Spurrier.