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Silver Dollar Society

The Rockwell Museum’s Silver Dollar Society is a committed group of supporters who have a common interest and play a crucial role in enhancing The Rockwell’s ability to provide outstanding exhibits and educational programs now and for future generations.

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Each year, the Silver Dollar Society helps The Rockwell advance as a valuable community resource, a place of learning, and a world-class museum of art about America.  Society members develop long-term relationships with individuals interested in American Western and Native American art and culture, build a sense of community “ownership” of the Museum, and help ensure that our unique collection of art is available for future generations of residents and visitors to the region. 

Images above from the 40th Anniversary Black & Gold Gala at The Rockwell. See more

2018 Silver Dollar Society Events 

Save the Date:
Thursday, September 27, 2018

Annual Silver Dollar Society Recognition Event

The Rockwell celebrates YOU! Guests will have the opportunity to vote on the annual Silver Dollar Society artwork acquisition. 

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The Silver Dollar Society plays a crucial role in supporting our arts and educational program by providing major gift support, strengthening the Museum’s cultural contributions on both local and national levels, and attracting resources to the Museum, including people, artists and financial support.  

Join now or to learn more, please contact Brianna VanOsdol in the Advancement Department at 607.974.7063 or via email


Silver Dollar Society Members

Patrons ($10,000+)

     James B. Flaws and Marcia D. Weber

Benefactors ($5,000-$9,999)

     E. Marie McKee and Robert H. Cole, Jr.

Sponsors ($2,500-$4,999)

     Charlie and Trudy Craig

     Matthew and M. Elizabeth Dann

     Kirk and Penny Gregg

     James and Maisie Houghton

     David and Marianne Lubin

     Stafford Lyons and Henry Offermann

     John and Ellen O’Hare

     John and Bonnie Sirianni

     Thomas Snow and Karen Meriwether

     Charles W. and Kristin A. Swain

     Robert and Lydia Kenton Walsh

     Wendell Weeks and Kim Frock Weeks

      Jeff Evenson and Karyn Cepek

Members ($1,000-$2,499)

      Deron and Monica Bankston

      Margot Bliven and Richard Rosenberg

      Thomas and Barbara Blumer

      James and Doreen Clappin

      Laura Coleman and Tom Halgash

      Scott and Chris Cook

      Walter and Karen Douglas

      David and Rikki Dowler

      Katherine Eade

      Richard and Angela Eglen

      Alan and Lynnette Eusden

      Melissa Gambol

      Nancy H. Halliwell

      Ian Harrop and Lynette Estep

      Vincent and Anne Hatton

      Denise A. Hauselt

      Jim and Kevyn Hennessey

      Amory Houghton

      Xavier Lafosse and Therese Arliguie

      Adele Lanahan

      Stafford Lyons and Henry Offermann

      Peggy MacAvoy

      Emily Marino

      Sabeen and Imran Mukhtar

      David and Debra Naylor

      Barry and Ann Nicholson

      John and Susan Peck

      Dr. Gunars Reimanis

      Peter and Kathleen Schweizer

      Stuart and Lucy Schweizer

      John and Chris Sharkey

      James and Diana Sirianni

      Richard and Judith Sphon

      Conrad and Lucy Stemski

      John and Sue Tobin

      Tony and Mary Tripeny

      Ron and Erica Verkleeren

      Rick and Cindy Weakland

      Elizabeth Whitehouse

      Robert and Audrey Whiting

      Steven and Karol Wight

      Mariam Wright

      Sandra Zuraski and Jordan Rankin


Bolded represents Founding Members






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