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Our collections and rotating exhibitions serve great purpose in the community. These works of art are functional teaching pieces – they present some of our best opportunities to connect with our audiences, young and old.  Here’s what you’ll see at The Rockwell in the coming months. Opening dates listed below may be subject to change based on health and safety guidelines.

Astonishing Brilliance

On view: February 19 – May 15, 2022
Location: Spotlight Gallery (Floor  1M)

For the majority of Americans living in the early 1800s the candle, fireplace and moon were the only lighting available at night. The workday ended when the sun set and plunged the world into darkness. At the end of the century, the introduction of artificial lighting was as profound as digital technology is today. 

Developments in artificial lighting affected how Americans perceived color, depth and brightness. Artists responded to innovations in lighting technology and the impact it had on life. Art helped Americans navigate the cultural transformation that artificial lighting sparked.

This exhibition features paintings, works on paper and decorative objects from the Munson Williams Proctor Museum that explore three broad themes. Your journey begins in the dark, tracing the changing conception of night in the 19th century. Then, explore various lighting devices and the decorative objects designed to amplify their glow. Finally, see how landscape painting evolved from the realistic tradition of the Hudson River School, using natural light for dramatic effect, to the Impressionists, who painted light.

This traveling exhibition was organized by the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Utica, New York.



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