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Nancy Lamb: Through the Artist’s Lens

On view: May 17 – September 8, 2019

Nancy Lamb (American, born 1956) is a sculptor and painter who blends aspects of whimsy, wit and sophistication to create snapshots of interpersonal intrigue. Her characters and scenarios, nameless and cryptic, depict our friends, our neighbors, our families and ourselves from the perspective of a voyeuristic, all-seeing eye.

Nancy Lamb | Creamy Italian Thai

Nancy Lamb | Caffeine Malfunction

Nancy Lamb | Royal Crown Neat

“I paint people un-posed and off-guard. I am trying to catch the true spirit of the moment, I introduce a penetrating quality that is created by slipping behind the social facade to uncover the mask society demands. I try to capture a still-life of the psychology of this suspended expression and combine it with textures, fabric and designs that go along with the visual rhetoric.” – Nancy Lamb


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