• Artisan Spotlight: Asian Eye

    December 11
    December 17

    Artisan Spotlight in The Museum Store
    December 11 – 17, 2017

    See Beyond the Ordinary. Scarves and Shawls Handmade and Artisan Collections of 100% all-natural fibers in India. Asian Eye supports global fair trade efforts to ensure artisans can bring their craft to market in a fair and human way and traditions stay alive.

    Asian Eye Scarves and Shawls

    Asian Eye Scarves and Shawls

    Asian Eye

    A little history

    Many years ago, a wonderful woman fell in love with the beautiful textiles and traditional techniques of India. She embarked on a mission to find skilled artisans throughout Indian and celebrate their work. She brought their treasured goods back to the United States to people who shared her passion and appreciation for these fragile arts. She continued to seek out highly skilled craftspeople and unique textiles to take back to an ever-expanding demand for goods. She came to be known by the people of India as bright eyes and Asian Eye was born.

    Handmade techniques

    While far more time consuming to make, hand-crafted textiles are tangibly different from machine made look-alikes. Since the movements of the loom are coordinated by human hand and eye, the skill and energy of the weaver are embodied in these remarkable and rare handicrafts.

    Fair trade

    Asian Eye supports over 35 varied artisans throughout India to bring their beautifully crafted textiles to the global marketplace. We regularly visit our partners to ensure their workers are provided good working conditions and fairly compensated. From the very large factory, to the small female entrepreneur, our goal is to ensure traditional weaving and textile techniques stay alive, and come to market, in a socially responsible way.

    Our artisans range from all walks of life and maintain traditional skills in sewing, bandhani, hand block printing, and embroidery. By supporting Asian Eye and our Fair Trade concepts you are also supporting these people, their families, and the traditions that should never be lost in today’s society.

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