Board of Trustees

The Rockwell Museum Board of Trustees shape our mission and purpose and set the strategic framework and long-term plan. They are some of the Museum’s most generous supporters and articulate ambassadors. They play an integral role in supporting all Rockwell initiatives. Our group of trustees is a diverse group of leaders from fields such as business, art, law, non-profit and education.

Debra R. Naylor, President
Ian A. Harrop, Vice President
Melissa J. Gambol, Secretary
Joy Macafee, Treasurer
Autumn M. Pawlowski, Assistant Treasurer

Monica L. Bankston
M. Elizabeth Dann
Katherine Eade
Lynnette S. Eusden
Denise A. Hauselt
Emily J. Marino
Lydia Kenton Walsh
Ellen B. O’Hare
A. John Peck
Peter S. Schweizer
Thomas G. Snow
John M. Tobin

Trustee Emeriti
James R. Houghton
E. Marie McKee
Joanna Wurtele


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Blanket Stories

Three unique ways to see Seneca Native Artist and Proto–feminist Marie Watt in Corning

Marie Watt is an American artist, drawing her inspiration from history, biography, Seneca proto-feminism, addressing the interaction of the arc of history with the intimacy of memory.

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